First time receiving Massage Therapy?

Not sure what your first massage session will be like? Here’s what to expect BEFORE, during the INTERVIEW, DURING and AFTER your massage…

Before your Massage:

  • Make sure you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out your paperwork (a simple intake form) and pay for your session.

  • In the days before your massage, make sure you’re drinking enough water. If you arrive dehydrated your body will be more sensitive and you might feel uncomfortable (like you just worked out) for a …

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Spring Detox Simplified

Whenever the subject of d-e-t-o-x comes up, many of our imaginations jump to long juicing journeys or fasts, but spring detox DOES NOT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED OR ARDUOUS. The urge to get “green and clean” is a normal part of this time of year as the weather warms and life begins to stir. Listening to that urge (without overdoing it or setting unattainable goals), will bring us closer to living in harmony with the wild inside and out. Here are some simple ways…

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Sadhana: our daily spiritual practice - the time we set aside each day to reconnect with the deepest part of ourselves (or heart, intuition, God, Source, whichever term we may choose to use). Most of us already have daily practices in place, but by adding a deeper level of mindfulness and discipline (yes you have to do them every day, or at least regularly) those same behaviours can become powerful tools to enrich our lives. For example…

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Finding Home in High Places

A quiet account of our climb to the highest point on the Annapurna Circuit, Throung-La.

After a time, we climb above the uncharacteristically stormy morning weather. The retreating wind carries away the cloud and snow, abandoning us to the inky black hours of the early morning. Cold, tired, and out of breath, we find ourselves in a world unlike any we have ever experienced…

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Virtual Reality
A poem

Is it a virtual world?
Is reality but dreary disconnection
from eachother
Our sisters, our brothers
don't appreciate
the wisdom
passed down by
Our great-grandmothers

To our great-grandaughters
What have I to offer?
Clean water?
Clean air?
A world that only cares
about the way she wears her hair
Or the colour on her lips.

Don't let an idea slip
from between your teeth
For ideas are the stuff of dreams
And dreams give rise
To change...

To imagine another way
we might live from day to day
Are we so far away
from the Self
that sleeps
At the bottom of our hearts,
At the base of our lungs
We pray.

That soon we will awake
As a gutteral scream.
As a dream.
Of a community
Who is unafraid of love.
Who is unafraid of listening.
Who is unafraid of understanding.
Is it a virtual world?

* Image from Andrew Stanton's film WALL-E (2008)