Virtual Reality
A poem

Is it a virtual world?
Is reality but dreary disconnection
from eachother
Our sisters, our brothers
don't appreciate
the wisdom
passed down by
Our great-grandmothers

To our great-grandaughters
What have I to offer?
Clean water?
Clean air?
A world that only cares
about the way she wears her hair
Or the colour on her lips.

Don't let an idea slip
from between your teeth
For ideas are the stuff of dreams
And dreams give rise
To change...

To imagine another way
we might live from day to day
Are we so far away
from the Self
that sleeps
At the bottom of our hearts,
At the base of our lungs
We pray.

That soon we will awake
As a gutteral scream.
As a dream.
Of a community
Who is unafraid of love.
Who is unafraid of listening.
Who is unafraid of understanding.
Is it a virtual world?

* Image from Andrew Stanton's film WALL-E (2008)