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As a student in Environmental Studies, I challenged myself to make small changes in my own life that would positively impact the planet. One of the first steps I made was to replace the harmful chemicals in my cleaning and beauty products. This is how I first discovered essential oils: by dabbing tea tree oil on my acne instead of benzoyl peroxide and cleaning my yoga mat with a mixture of tea tree, lavender and witch hazel instead of Mr. Clean... impressive story I know. But there’s more to love about doTERRA, this company is committed to fair international development and has one of the most impressive give-back programs of any company I know. Having studied the effects of globalization and international development in school, I am so happy to be sharing these oils with family, friends and clients.

I use essential oils regularly in my home AND business. The more I learn about them, the more uses I’m finding for them. If you’re new to essential oils - not to fear! There are so many well-researched resources out there explaining the health benefits and best practice for each oil in particular.

Essential oils are truly a must-have tool for any natural wellness leader.



  • Global Botanical Network and Co-Impact Sourcing : Instead of purchasing large plots of land to mass produce oils, doTERRA recruits the expertise of many small local farmers into a Global Botanical Network, sustainably supporting thousands of jobs around the world.

  • Healing Hands : doTERRA's own humanitarian non-profit that works to help change the world for the better through job creation, fair wages, creating clean water systems and building medical clinics in developing nations. doTERRA covers all the overhead so 100% of donations made to Healing Hands go directly to the recipient.

  • Certified Therapeutic- Grade (CPTG) essential oils : no added fillers. synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants which ensures potency, purity, consistency and a long shelf life. The oils are also inspected by a third party certification body. doTERRA has the most thorough essential oil quality insurance program worldwide. doTERRA is committed to ensuring that their users are getting the same results every time.

more benefits of choosing dōTERRA :


1) Quality, certified therapeutic-grade oils.
2) Certified food-grade oils in Canada and US.
3) Ethical harvest and manufacture. (see more details above)
4) Option to earn points back if you sign up for a regular monthly order.
5) dōTERRA provides recipes, DIYs and business info for members.



if you’re thinking of buying more than 4 oils this year, becoming a wholesale member is your most affordable choice.

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When you become a wholesale member you have the option to buy a starter kit (see options below) which includes the top used oils at LESS THAN wholesale value.

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If you are already using essential oils regularly in your business, or if you are interested in starting an essential oil business this is the right choice for you...

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Building your business
- My mentors have put together an excellent doTERRA business coaching platform which you can access by signing up as a Wellness Advocate through me :).
- I will help you to navigate the doTERRA website to access and understand the available business resources.

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Not interested in purchasing at wholesale prices? You can place a doTERRA order with me for retail price (orders are placed at 12 am on the 5th of every month). View the prices and descriptions of doTERRA essential oils and other products on their website.

*With any of these options, there is no requirement to sell or place a minimum monthly order.

essential oil resources


Thank you for your recent essential oil purchase! To help you make the most of your oils I’ve compiled a list of my favourite resources. If you have a resource or workshop idea that you love, please share so I can add it to the list :).

Buying more than 4 oils this year?

If you purchase more than 4 oils/year, I highly recommend you become a Wholesale Member - you will be able to save 25-55% on your oils! If you find you’re placing a lot of orders on behalf of friends, family, or coworkers think about becoming a Wellness Advocate (contact me for more info!) - you can save even more and even get free products.


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Emotions and Essential Oils
I love the poetry in this book. The authors are certified facilitators and students of a variety of energy modalities, and they will draw you deeper into the less measurable healing effects of these oils on body, mind and heart. As a bonus, this book comes with an emotion wheel that directs you to the best oil to nourish or balance a given emotional state.

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I like the Essential Life series because they use the same oils that doTERRA has available. Each book contains an education chapter about essential oils - what they are, how they’re extracted and classified, why quality matters. A quick reference chapter. A chapter that references each single oil and blend. A chapter that organizes oils and supplements by body systems and focus areas (ex pain and inflammation or addiction). A chapter on supplements that contain essential oils. An introduction to emotional aromatherapy.

The hardcover version contains more in-depth information for each oil and subject and I recommend this version for any one who uses oils with clients or who’s looking for more advanced information. I particularly love the “blends well with” and “found in” information in the hardcover version that show which single oils blend well together and which doTERRA blends contain the oil you’re looking at. I also appreciate that the hardcover plainly references scientific studies for each oil it’s page. The spiral-bound booklet is an excellent quick reference guide, portable, and great for the beginner.

*The doTERRA blend names are trademarked, so these books use different names:


Name in
doTERRA Blend
Citrus Bliss
Smart & Sassy
On Guard
Easy Air
HD Clear
Deep Blue
Clary Calm


Name in Essential Life
Skin Clearing
Women’s Monthly
Women’s Perfume

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The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood is also a great resource. You look up the health concern in the index, go to the page where the author will list specific treatments and their recipes from salves, lotions, poultices, teas, inhalations, baths, ingesting, and more. It’s a dense book, but a great resource for anyone who wants information like specific step-by-step instructions and number of drops for their recipes.


The “Do it Yourself” section of doTERRA has lots of recipes for home and body.

The website for the professional association of aromatherapists directs you to schools and courses (online and in person) to become a professional aromatherapist, a list of professional aromatherapists in your area, events related to aromatherapy and more.

This website offers courses and resources related to essential oils . They also have a book series called Modern Essentials with great reviews, but I was unable to get it in Canada.


I haven’t used any yet! I really like my printed resources, but here are a couple I’ve dug up. If you use them, would love to hear what you think of them! If you’re using another app that you love would greatly appreciate if you shared it with me :).


Keep an eye on this section of the website to see when the next public Essential Oil 101, Plants + Poses or DIY Workshop is taking place.

Get in touch with me if you’d like me to host a workshop for your friends and family in your home or workplace. I could also provide you with the tools or resources to host a workshop yourself.

Workshop Ideas

Essential Oils 101 : Getting your group acquainted with and interacting with doTERRA essential oils. Introduction into what they are and how they can be used.
DIY : Make your own bath, body and cleaning products including salves, room sprays, rollers, cleaners, bath salts, etc.
Private yoga & self-care session : A session of self-care for your group that uses self-massage, yoga, essential oils and meditation.
Something else : If you have an idea I can help you with, I am happy to!