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Massage Therapy


Offering Registered Therapeutic Massage at
at Wolfe Chiropractic on Cassells St in North Bay
Book your 60 min massage online or by calling (705) 840 2255
Prices are:
60 min $90 (includes tax)
30 min $60 (includes tax)
45 min $75 (includes tax)
90 min Massage & Yoga Therapy* $140 (includes tax)

*Massage & Yoga Therapy : 90 min sessions are offered as a combination of Registered Massage and Yoga Therapy. Expect a 45-60 min massage followed by a 30-45 min yoga practice tailored to you.
This is the best option for those:
- Who would like practical take-home exercises related to their complaint.
- Who are already practicing yoga regularly but would like to modify in order to address a specific injury or other.
- Yogis who are experiencing pain in their practice/due to practice.
- Those who are on a budget and would like to do effective treatments at home.
Instructions may include: Yoga Asana (Postures), Breathwork, Meditation, Foam Rolling and other self-massage tools.


If you have a group of 3 or more I just may be able to come visit your Home, Camp (cottage?), or Workplace with my massage table. I bring everything except 2 regular pillows and a chair (you must provide these things), to turn your space into a spa :). Receipts are provided.
Prices for Home Visits are:
60 min $100 + tax (min 3 people)
30 min $75 + tax (min 4 people)
15 min Office Massage on table topper $25+tax (min 6 people)
*An additional fee may be required depending on where (how far) you're located.



Certified Yoga Instruction

Each session focuses on conscious movement in rhythm with full, deep diaphragmatic breath and may incorporate other elements of yogic meditation such as healing visualization, sound, pranayama (breathwork), or massage to help find balance in body, mind and heart. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs and ability level of the participant(s) which may include: Injury rehabilitation and insurance claims, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Kids or Family Yoga, Workplace Yoga, Chair Yoga, Strengthening, Flexibility, General well-being, Partner/Team-building, or other.

Currently available at MYOGA in Sudbury for Plants and Poses
every 2nd Tuesday at BREAL STUDIO in North Bay
or in a one-on-one setting.




- Teas, Salves and Massage Oils infused or blended with local Wild herbs and complimentary essential oils.
- Jewelry and more creations inspired by Nature.
Visit the Kelsey Quinn, RMT - Breathe in Wellness Facebook Page to see what's currently in-stock.

* Gift Baskets available!



essential oils

I started using essential oils years ago to decrease the amount of chemicals I was using on my body and in my home. Along the way, I started making many of my own health, beauty and cleaning products like steam inhalations, simple beeswax salves, salt both, bug repellents and home cleaners. I have also found essential oils to be greatly beneficial for managing emotions and energy in a space. Essential oils are now an "essential" part of my natural wellness regime, both at home and in my practice as a yoga instructor and Registered Massage Therapist.
I am now happily sharing essential oils with others through doTERRA.
Find out more on the Essential Oils page.



Workshops are designed in relation to any of the above.

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